Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My damning view of Brexit

How irresponsible and shorted sighted was it to vote to leave the EU?

I’ve been thinking for almost a week now on how to write a definitive piece on the matter. This whole time I’ve been really dumbfounded on how to shorten #Remain concepts into piecemeal rhetoric’s and sound bites for plebs who are stimulated or even aroused by the #Leave crock.

If as a #Leave voter that offends you, just remember that with your vote you CAN cause actual harm and if you voted for Brexit, you did just that.

Throughout the week I jotted down a bunch of concepts to go on the offensive with, and in that time the list of things I wanted to mention kept growing relentlessly. However, in my years of reading and engaging in debate I’ve understood that bombarding the other side with many excellent truths is a risky proposition, as pay off isn’t likely. Much more useful instead, is presenting just 1 or 2 exceptional truths.

Exceptional ‘truth’ 1: Take for example the message ‘£350m a week to go to farmers and the NHS’. This is an exceptional point to make. Combine two ingredients: the highest suicide rate of any occupation amongst farmers matched with hospital waiting times reaching a 7 year high in 2015.

Exceptional ‘truth’ 2: The other exceptional truth is how caravans full of Poles, living in squalid conditions, paying almost nothing for rent and other expenses, are undercutting prices on low skilled jobs resulting in reduced wages for already struggling families.

There were other excellent ‘truths’ that Brexiters had up their sleeve but those 2 were simply ‘exceptional’. So much so that there’s nothing the #Remain camp could’ve done to have countered them. In other words #Leave had done it, they had found a glitch, an exploit from which they didn’t stray one inch. Analysts and historians looking back at this vote will try to determine at which point could this result have been avoided; and under what circumstances would the #Leave campaigners have campaigned for #Remain instead.

The latter question in particular is important because in the case of Boris Johnson for example, campaigning for #Leave was a matter of political ambition. It was a gamble aimed at propelling him to number 10 and even possibly to the stars beyond. But in the case of Nigel Farage it was an ideological struggle where his ideological calculations always yielded the same result: that independence from the clutches of the stifling EU is ALWAYS the better option.

The fact that the winning camp coincided with the will of both of those individuals is very telling about the quality of the state of political discussion in the UK.

Just like only after Iceland’s 5-2 defeat to France was the full magnitude of England’s miserable performance clear; so too and only in hindsight is it now crystal clear that politics of the UK was never the premier league / the highest echelon of global politics. And as things would have it, apparently not even in the same ballpark as the leading nations. Still, credit should go to Cameron’s resignation speech as it was as dignified as it could have been and as smooth as butter. But then again what kind of consolation is having smooth talking politicians when someone like Tony Blair (Bliar) could smooth talk his country into doing something reprehensible like going to war… I mean, liberating Iraq prior to exhausting all options?

There is nothing, no truth exceptional enough that could highlight with perfect clarity the absurdity behind the wishes of #Leave campaigners and Brexiters. At least not within the confines of a singular, water tight, aggressive argument. However, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Which is why I’ve prepared the graphic above showcasing two things. A) Firstly and most importantly it’s designed to show the structural basis on which the EU was built upon and B) secondly to highlight that any discussion about the merits of the EU must be structured and qualified in magnitudes of importance rather than through false equivalency. (Example of false equivalency is NHS overcrowding having anything to do in a discussion about whether the EU is good or not)

A) In the case of structural integrity, the green in the diagram shows solid and secure blocks in the pyramid. For example: for the foundation of the pyramid, does the European Union bring peace to its members? The answer is 100% yes so all boxes in that row get highlighted in green. In the next row: does the EU bring economic prosperity to the EU? Almost all economists think it does, but since it’s not a 100% unanimous, I’ve highlighted one red block in that row and so forth.

B) As for the structured approach; in the graph above I’ve ranked a number of issues going from most important to less important. The more important questions form the base of the pyramid, meanwhile the lighter and less important topics go higher up. The idea is, for example, that especially fragile things like 'mood swings' or the whims of our kings and queens shouldn’t be able to lead our nations into war anymore.

Also, depending on who you ask, different topics will occupy the different levels of the pyramid. The object is to create a model for a stable European Union. Any institution or organization can be depicted in the same way. Also note that the pyramid would in reality be hundreds of blocks high and contain hundreds of complex issues within it.

Next (up) is the same EU pyramid organized and answered from the far right perspective. Notice how the questions have not only changed order of importance but in some instances there are entirely new questions and *concerns added? Keep in mind that neither the priority list nor the intensity of the answers is in anyway unanimous for all individuals harboring far rights views and ideologies, but for purposes of demonstration, the figure above is just adequate enough to build a general profile of the pyramid.

*As a concern, Islam is a particular hot topic issue and has been so for the better half of the last two decades. I’ve left it out because it wasn’t any major part of this referendum (Farage Nazi symbolism not withstanding).

The figure above shows something uncultured and unrefined. It shows lack in any ability to distinguish the magnitude in priorities. It is a mockery of the national discussion over Brexit. It is a dismal failure of British democracy. Most painful of all, it was a political gamble - the benefits of which did not outweigh the risks - over a scrap of power. It was a systematic and catastrophic failure of the British political class as well as its citizens. 

UK, the only country in the EU to have gone to war with Iraq, the only country in the EU which was given the red carpet treatment of exemptions on membership, is now the country to be the first to leave the club, in the process becoming "he" who cast the first stone at the bloc and its remaining citizens.

To recap, we can see (above) how an ideal Kingdom like the UK, a Union like the EU, or what any company or organization needs to look like: A very solid foundation at the base with each layer strongly supporting the layer above it.

And below we can see the different profiles of EU from the perspective of different views and interests.

With all of the above said and in summary, if you’re a Brexiter then you’d be a fool to vote #Remain.

I don’t know what’s more incriminating of the impoverished state of the political scene in the UK; the fact that so many - 52% of the people in the UK - are Brexiters or the fact that wisdom and experience weighed so heavily AGAINST the judgment of the older and of the baby boomers.

There’s a lot more to say but I’ll stop here for now. I want to reiterate how regrettable UK’s decision was and what a shock the result of the referendum was to me personally and no doubt to many across the EU. I was angry and felt betrayed even as a simple citizen of the Union, a pleb. However, I think the decision must be respected and I literally see no way to allow the UK to remain within the EU now. The people have spoken and the results are clear. There must now be an effort made to price correctly the amount due for all the lies and deceit and for weakening the EU.

And finally, those politicians advocating #Leave, they like rats have been the first to abandon ship and nowhere to be found. Just arsonists and gamblers. Nigel, go have your life back you weasel.

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